The wonderful thing about humans is that you can make all the well-researched arguments you want and then a comedian will get up on stage and go ABWUHHHH??? and say something obviously flagrantly wrong and that will make everyone believe it, because humans do not care about accuracy and will believe anything that someone of sufficiently high status tells them.


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Men who own guns are trying to compensate for their tiny dicks. Women who own guns are trying to compensate for their lack of dicks. Senator Feinstein in legislating guns has a massive dick that encircles the planet, slapping all ne’erdowells in the gob. Cocks falling from on high to stop crime. Don’t even think about crime, don’t even think about thin- *CRASH* *Sound of a cock flopping to the floor*

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why are cis boys so cute and so annoying. i want one. but i don’t want to deal with the oppressive bullshit. give me a nice cis boy that i don’t want to strangle every time he opens his mouth plzthx.

go to church there’s a great cis boy there waiting for you


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Well would you look at that?


Well would you look at that?

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why does everyone think that “corporations care only about the bottom line”

and simultaneously think that corporations purposely lose profits so that they can pay men more than women or whites more than blacks

and that they purposely lose profits just to fuck over consumers

and that they purposely lose profits by being penny wise and pound foolish

it really seems to boil down to not an idea that “corporations only care about the bottom line” so much as a vague feeling that “corporations just care about being evil for no reason”

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daily reminder that if you dont drink or smoke you are actively evading taxes (◡‿◡✿)

that’s why there should be a nerd tax for nerds

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